About Joshua Brown

Pastor, Author, Teacher, Husband, Dad

Joshua Brown is the founding and lead pastor of Dream Church. He is also the author of three books, including the newest release, The Magic of Christmas (now available here) and the number 1 new release in 2021 The Generosity of God. Joshua is currently finishing his Masters Degree in Biblical Studies (with an emphasis on Church History, Old Testament Hebrew, and New Testament Greek), from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI. He resides in the Columbia area with his wife Jordyn and his daughter Vada.

Joshua has always been a pioneer and when needed, has gone against the cultural norm. In 2017, Joshua and his wife Jordyn started Dream Church out of a season where Joshua wrestled with the chasm between the early Church and the current Western expression of the Church. He felt as if there were no more curiosity of thought, no encounter of the Presence of God in an authentic way, and a "going through the motions," apathetic spirit over much of the Church, particularly in the South.

The purpose of Dream Church was to create an environment where anyone who is burned out on religion can come and find rest. A church where you can bring your questions, inquiries, hurts, past experiences, and hunger, to find the ancient path. A church that isn't focussed on quantitative growth but qualitative growth. A church that has big people rather than big buildings. A church that was willing to tear down modern ideas of God in order to build up the ancient, orthodox, ideas of God.

And that Dream has become. When you come to Dream you'll immediately feel a sense that you can breathe deep and know that He is good. You'll experience authentic worship and thought provoking teaching, all of which have been freed from the bondage of time and schedule. You'll find a family ready to embrace you just as you are and take the journey with you to rediscovering who you have always been, from the foundation of the earth.


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The Magic of Christmas

How the Incarnation changes everything. Rediscover the Christmas story.

The Generosity of God

Redeeming how we think about God, the Bible, and humanity.

A Light Has Dawned

Commentary on the Christmas story (Luke 1-2:40)


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